Staff & Advisory Team

Todd King


After years of working with youth, Todd transitioned to pastoral leadership and has worked as a senior pastor across the state of Washington.

Marvin Klein


Marvin Klein serves as the indispensable administrator at Swiftwater Church, a role that sees him wearing multiple hats to ensure the community runs smoothly. 

Michelle Dannon

Kids & Youth Ministry

Michelle is the dedicated leader of kids & youth ministry at Swiftwater Church, where she passionately nurtures and guides our younger members on their spiritual journeys. Her unwavering commitment and genuine care have made her an invaluable pillar to the next generation.

Chuck Johnson


Chuck serves as the facilities manager at Swiftwater Church, consistently ensuring that our spaces are maintained to the highest standards. His attention to detail and commitment make certain that our community enjoys a safe and welcoming environment every week. 

Calvin Luce

Small Groups

Calvin is the creative administrator of the numerous small groups at Swiftwater Church, playing a pivotal role in ensuring every member finds a group that resonates with their needs. 

Ashley Peterson

Worship Leader

Ashley is the Worship Leader at Swiftwater Church. With a passion for music and a heart for worship, Ashley loves to lead the focus to focus on Jesus. Her ability to connect  people to god through music is a gift for our church.

Advisory Team

All church plants in the Christian Missionary Alliance are required to go through a development phase. In that phase, the advisory team's responsibility is to create the bylaws, membership criteria, and ministry direction to become a fully independent church.

The advisory team consists of:
Todd King, Marvin Klein, Doug McDonald, Stephanie Regus, Wayne Smith, Vaughn Smith,
and Chuck Johnson.